Archive | August 7, 2007

iLife ‘08 and iWork ‘08 (finally)

apple, along with the iMacs has released iLife ’08 (again $80). the same setup as before with iPhoto, iDVD, iMovie, Garageband and iWeb. check out the apple iLife site to learn more about what the update brings to the table.

iWork ’08 brings about updates to the apple desktop suite with the addition of Numbers (a spread sheet – “excel-like” application) and should make it more of a contender (especially for the home/student users). again costing less than $100 it is still cheaper than office.


new iMacs!

apple has released new iMacs today (Tuesday 08/07/07). they will be 20″ and 24″ models with aluminum cases and glossy screens. the keyboards have been redesigned and will be available for $1200 (2ghz w/ 20″), $1500 (2.4ghz w/ 20″) and $1800 (2.4ghz w/ 24″) $2400 (2.8ghz w/ 24″). the specs are VERY respectable with up to 1TB of storage (as a build to order config)! gad zooks! a kick-butt consumer all-in-one pc…

once apple’s site is back up (following the announcement), more details will follow.