Mac OS 10.5

So i have not been playing with Leopard since I 1) have not had time 2) did not have a machine to play with. That changed today…

I downloaded the latest (9a499) build from Apple weighing in at around 7gb! After copying to a dual-layer DVD I installed on a Mac Mini with Intel (512mb RAM) and 80gb Drive.

It looks really nice! So far I have seen is work well too. I have been trying to tie it into the corporate network and it seems that the Active Directory integration is still not complete (since I could not bind it to the domain). I downloaded firefox, rapidweaver, cyberduck and marsedit. rapidweaver seems to be having some issues just displaying (things get cut off or run into something else) but marsedit is working well.

the new dock takes some getting used to – not quite sure i like it yet. i’m trying to get spaces to make some sense – i’m not there yet either. the menu bar has a blue tint which i feel like it is a color issue – not that it should be this way… weird.

anyway – going to work some more with it and see how it all comes together. questions – i’ll answer what i can…


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