aapl takes a header

following the at&t report that they only registered 150k iPhones, apple stock dropped about $8. tonight apple will report their earnings for the quarter. here is my thinking…

at&t reported less than 150k iPhones were registered (i did not find out until later that was in 30 hours!). att had their own issues with registration systems (which could have been part of the reason there were not 250k in the same time). if you recall, some people complained that they waited 10-20 hours for their phone to activate (again, who was at fault?)

att took a jump because of all the iPhones and apple took a header… i’m guessing that apple is going to report at least 500k iPhones have been sold ((and activated) and their profits are again very good – the stock will slide back up over night and i believe the “halo effect” will allow att to move up a bit more too.

we will see “after hours” what happens with apple and att – stay tuned…


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