google DID buy grandcentral!

in catching up on some news this morning – i found the info that google HAS acquired grandcentral. here is the news from google, and the news from grandcentral.

google has been working very hard to provide a way and a place to get as much of your information as possible. now some people are fearful of this. personally, i love what google has been doing both as a technical company and a global partner (check out their solar farm).

i think this is a great advantage for me, the consumer. i imagine google and grandcentral will combine to make things run better, faster and maybe provide an even better solution for me at little to no cost. one of the big selling points of the iPhone has been the “visual voicemail”. grandcentral shows a way you can do this from a web-enabled phone. excellent point!

again, if you are someone who changes phones/number frequently or would like friends/family to reach you when they need to, check out grandcentral (now from google), even better!

UPDATE: here is an article from the NY Times about the google acquisition of grandcentral.

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