BELIEVE the hype!

so far, the hype about the apple iPhone has been confirmed by those getting their hands on the phone. according to a number of reports, the apple stores (specifically the larger ones) have iphones available for purchase ($500/600) and you can now buy them on the apple website, but the delays are 2-4 weeks out.

so far the biggest complaints have been the user activation through iTunes and ATT. ATT has said they have not been able to keep up with the activation requests (what a horrible place to “fall down”).

people have been waiting for months for the iPhone – wait on line for hours/days. grab the phone and run home with it. plug in itunes and activate the phone… att responds that activation can take a “while”. due to the large influx of activations, the longest delay reported is 18 hours (average has been 1-3 hours). the iphone will not do ANYTHING without being activated.

att said they are working on the issue and i would imagine as the weekend passes and thing roll into a slower process, activation should be a bit more painless (hopefully).

personally i think that att was really dumb to not consider the iphone to be monumental and to prepare for a monumental influx of requests… live and learn (for both att and apple).

more to come as people play, but people have been saying the keyboard does take some getting used to, but people really like it. the camera has a group on flickr and people are working through the items iphone does not have built-in (ichat) with web-based apps.

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