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ah, sweet after hours

following the results of the 3Q 2007 fiscal results, things look GREAT!

1.76 million Macs
9.81 million iPods
270k iPhones sold

as of the evening and after market trading, apple is around 150/share! things are good and apple continues to show they are a strong contender. we have a few more things expected for 4Q 2007:

new iMacs
new iPods (with an iPhone touch screen)?
new OS (Leopard in the fall)

going up 🙂


aapl takes a header

following the at&t report that they only registered 150k iPhones, apple stock dropped about $8. tonight apple will report their earnings for the quarter. here is my thinking…

at&t reported less than 150k iPhones were registered (i did not find out until later that was in 30 hours!). att had their own issues with registration systems (which could have been part of the reason there were not 250k in the same time). if you recall, some people complained that they waited 10-20 hours for their phone to activate (again, who was at fault?)

att took a jump because of all the iPhones and apple took a header… i’m guessing that apple is going to report at least 500k iPhones have been sold ((and activated) and their profits are again very good – the stock will slide back up over night and i believe the “halo effect” will allow att to move up a bit more too.

we will see “after hours” what happens with apple and att – stay tuned…

iPhone hands on

i finally got to play with it… the iPhone is wonderful. smaller than i thought, easier to work with and crisp and clear screen. i think i tried all the features. the keyboard would take some getting used to. i’m actually getting quick and accurate with the blackberry 8830 – i think the iPhone would require some work.

the edge network is really slow (even compared to the verizon 8830 data network). i really like the photo, the ability to zoom in with the two finger click. i also really like the swivel of the iPhone to adjust the image to fit the screen (landscape vs. portrait).

amazing, changing the market completely and you WILL see a new type of phone from everyone in the coming months.

a trip to 5th ave

so i’m thinking of taking a little subway ride down to the 5th avenue apple store to check it out. i worked in the soho store, but have yet to visit 5th ave. at the same time i need to pick up a couple of things (macbook > vga adapter). i’ll update after a visit.

UPDATE: i went to apple today. what an amazing store! big, crazy, BUSY and the usual apple look and feel. almost dizzying. i was looking for a vga adapter for the macbook and took a couple of walks around the store. finally got it – took a walk to touch and play with an iPhone and then to the counter to pay. about 7 registers open and about 30 people in line. after 5-10 minutes waiting, one of the cordless cashiers approached me and i was about to pay and walk out in about 2 minutes. on the way around the corner i got the receipt in my email. SWEET!

back in NYC

i cannot believe it, but i have been back in NYC for a week (and loving it). the transition from NC to NY has not been bad for me – i actually have been loving it (maybe it is still new). i have been running in central park and working in mid-town as well as preparing for a move back out to NJ for the long-term.

all those from the NYC area that i have not seen, i hope to catch up soon.

1110consulting wordpress updates

this weekend i did some updates. i re-downloaded, installed the instant upgrade for wordpress. the system appears to be working just fine. i’m very excited since it worked great and then i had some issues with it in version 2.2 – but following a manual upgrade to 2.2.1 it seems to be fully operational.

i have also installed an iPhone theme (for all you lucky dogs). for the standard user you will see the standard black and blue theme – for those from a iPhone you should see this in an optimized iPhone format – comments, problems, issues, let me know…

universal music not renewing with apple

the universal music group has announced they will not resign their contract with apple for itunes (from the NYTimes). according to some – universal maintain about 1/3 of all music on the itunes store (according to my understanding, music will not disappear, but new music will not appear).

universal will work through an “at-will” agreement with itunes – so if the $ is right, they will allow the sale through itunes. this is big! universal is so big that they could push others to do the same – but at the same time universal has been selling 15% of it’s music through itunes – turning it’s back on apple (especially when there really is no other player in town) would be silly.

check out the article from the nytimes and read for yourself. do you think apple will suffer or do you think universal will come back with it’s tail between it’s legs?