the iphone!

the iPhone is now in the hands of the public. $499 for 4gb and $599 for 8gb not a cheap phone, not a cheap iPod, not a cheap PDA – but roll those 3+ devices together and your looking at more than $500.

tomorrow and early next week will be a good test to see if the system, phone and sales are matching up to the hype.

a tie in is the need for the iTunes 7.3 to fully integrate with the iPhone. download it (or if you fire up 7.2 you will be prompted to update)…

UPDATE: a report surfaced that people are getting their iPhones and the activation is saying that it will be a couple of hours before the phones become fully operational.

interestingly enough, Woz (the co-founder of Apple Computer) also sat in line in CA (first in line) for his iPhone.


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