tangerine (for iTunes, not to eat)

the potion factory relased an application called tangerine a while back. for about $25, the application polls your iTunes library to build custom playlists based on time and music (BPM and beat intensity).

i’ve downloaded the software and currently having the system dig through the 6700 tracks i have in my library. once that is done i will do some playing and update with how well the system works.

from the get go, there are some neat things. tangerine looks like it will take 1-2 hours to dig through the almost 7000 tracks, reasonable for that number. once you have everything indexed, you can tell the system to put together a 1 hour playlist for running with varied intensity, increasing intensity etc. for how you like to work out.

i’m going to make a couple of playlists for my nano tonight and see how it does. more to come…

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