iphone guided tour

apple has released a guided tour of the iphone – a 20 minute video about how to use the iphone as well as some tips and tricks.

i watched the whole thing. it was interesting and informative. for those who get one or are interested in getting one, this is a nice tutorial about how to get using it before you actually have one in your grubby mitts…

again – for me, i’m getting further and further from one (both professional and practical reasons). that being said, i’ve also been told by my wife that i cannot use AT&T wireless for my carrier (which makes me feel icky).

i have mentioned that i have been looking at the blackberry perl and curve – but verizon does not sell them. the ones they do sell cost $200-300 (vs. the perl from at&t refurb for about $50!)

makes me soooo mad…

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