iphone for business

so gartner is preparing a report for business (specifically IT) that talks through the issues with using the iPhone in a business setting (according to macnn.com)

i have been on the fence with iPhone vs. blackberry (especially since i will be getting something in about 2 weeks). the perl is something i think i would like to have – good size, comfortable and clean but of course the blackberries integrate nicely with the blackberry enterprise server (which i may be investigating in the coming weeks). currently, the iPhone has none of these business integrations.

push email (via imap) and calendaring etc. within a business environment are not there yet and of course security is a low item on the list for apple right now.

only time will tell, but i believe next month i will have a blackberry and i will report in on how it is working and how happy i am with it (especially with the trackball).

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