wordpress 2.2.1 update

i just did an update to the wordpress system on my blog (if you are reading this, it worked). instantupgrade seems to be broken (can anyone confirm).

i tried to do the update with instantupgrade plugin and the system pushed me back to the blog page (not the upgrade processing page). i ran a backup of the system and then did a manual upgrade (which may not have been a bad idea anyway).

after 2.6mb of uploading (painfully slow) i followed wordpress’ suggestion to run the upgrade.php file to find “it was not necessary”. i took a deep breath and went to my home page and then to the blog. i logged in and yippee the system showed version 2.2.1 and all appears to be running fine.

why the update. i have been very happy with 2.2 but there are some people that are really critical about wordpress and their patching (or lack of patching) a system they believe is VERY flawed. now this is also coming from someone why had 100-500 people look at the site a day, not 1000’s so grain of salt.

if you are running wordpress 2.2, it is highly recommended that the update take place as soon as possible. run it, feel better…


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