flickr with locations

so i uploaded some images to flickr last night to share with some friends. in doing so i came across a map feature in flickr (in conjunction with yahoo). this new(ish) technology is called geotagging.

i have been hearing about how people can take pictures with some cameras and the meta data includes gps data so you can record not only the picture, but exactly where it was taken.

well my cameras are not that advanced, but with yahoo maps and flickr you can now place an image in a location on a map and it now knows where the picture was taken. great if you took a trip and want to record where the image was taken as part of the fun.

remember (and flickr notes this when adding images to maps), you may want to be careful about what you post for public consumption on the internet. i personally have all my images blocked except for friends and family. i was playing and found someone who has cute pictures of a little girl in london – as you dig deeper you can almost get to a city/street level. could be very scary!

cool, but think about things before just popping pictures of your 100″ flat panel plasma screen hdtv along with your home address (might as well put down what times you will be out of the house)…

check it out!

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