Archive | June 21, 2007

wordpress 2.2.1 update

i just did an update to the wordpress system on my blog (if you are reading this, it worked). instantupgrade seems to be broken (can anyone confirm).

i tried to do the update with instantupgrade plugin and the system pushed me back to the blog page (not the upgrade processing page). i ran a backup of the system and then did a manual upgrade (which may not have been a bad idea anyway).

after 2.6mb of uploading (painfully slow) i followed wordpress’ suggestion to run the upgrade.php file to find “it was not necessary”. i took a deep breath and went to my home page and then to the blog. i logged in and yippee the system showed version 2.2.1 and all appears to be running fine.

why the update. i have been very happy with 2.2 but there are some people that are really critical about wordpress and their patching (or lack of patching) a system they believe is VERY flawed. now this is also coming from someone why had 100-500 people look at the site a day, not 1000’s so grain of salt.

if you are running wordpress 2.2, it is highly recommended that the update take place as soon as possible. run it, feel better…


flickr with locations

so i uploaded some images to flickr last night to share with some friends. in doing so i came across a map feature in flickr (in conjunction with yahoo). this new(ish) technology is called geotagging.

i have been hearing about how people can take pictures with some cameras and the meta data includes gps data so you can record not only the picture, but exactly where it was taken.

well my cameras are not that advanced, but with yahoo maps and flickr you can now place an image in a location on a map and it now knows where the picture was taken. great if you took a trip and want to record where the image was taken as part of the fun.

remember (and flickr notes this when adding images to maps), you may want to be careful about what you post for public consumption on the internet. i personally have all my images blocked except for friends and family. i was playing and found someone who has cute pictures of a little girl in london – as you dig deeper you can almost get to a city/street level. could be very scary!

cool, but think about things before just popping pictures of your 100″ flat panel plasma screen hdtv along with your home address (might as well put down what times you will be out of the house)…

check it out!

iStat Menu

if you are like many, you play with widgets for apple’s dashboard and have a few you could not live without. for me, one of those is iSlayers iStat Nano.

it is a great little widget to check out how you system is doing – BUT you have to open widgets to see that. until now! iSlayer has released an iStat Menu version.

this version (1.0) installs a small system preference where you can turn on and off different items in the menu bar. since installing it i have activated my network, hard disk, memory (ram), and cpu. this way i can see some of the things i am very interested in right in the menu bar all the time!

if you like to have an idea of what your system is doing (or not), download, install and tweak iStat Menu. well worth it…

10.4.10 released

apple released 10.4.10 last night for those running 10.4.x. as usual the updates revolve around safety and some performance updates.

there are also some reports that apple has tied in some yahoo sync features (presumably for the iPhone coming the end of next week).

as usual, start up your apple software update and run all the apple updates – get your computer up to speed and secure.