Archive | June 20, 2007

youtube on the AppleTV and iPhone

apple today announced that starting today those users that have an AppleTV will be able to stream and save youtube videos to their AppleTV. “Users can download the free software update using Apple TV’s built-in software update feature”

they also announced that upon release of the iPhone, an apple application on the iPhone will allow streaming of youtube to the iPhone. personally, not that exciting, professionally and as an apple “person” this is another plus for the iPhone!

not familiar with youtube, check it out…


iPhone on the 29th

6pm june 29th! that’s the date and time for the iPhone… this is one of the biggest hyped and publicized releases of a product that apple is not the sole owner of (they are teaming with AT&T wireless for the cellular service).

not only will apple have to work their magic with a GREAT product, but AT&T will have to keep all the new technologies running smoothly to make the product astound the general public (and get more than the apple fans to plunk down a few hundred dollars on a new cell phone).

stay tuned. there continues to be major excitement about the iPhone, but because of this, there is also a long way for apple (and steve jobs) to fall.