iPhone lack of keyboard “issue”

the nytimes is reporting today that a lack of a mechanical keyboard (like the blackberry or treo) will leave people adjusting or just not using it.

i have an option in about a month to move to cingular (sorry, at&t) or verizon as work phones (blackberry is the flavor of choice), but i keep thinking about the iPhone.

i just did some looking and the blackberries range in price from $100-300 (which should be close to the iPhone price-point). i am partial to the blackberry QWERTY keyboard (do not really like the compressed keyboard of the perl, but could work with it if necessary).

shall see since i have not had a data-enabled phone/pda in quite a while. i do think the iPhone will take some getting used to when it comes to working with it in general and also with a “keyboard”. the use of it continues to excite me, but i may just end up falling back on the perl.

more to come when i figure things out. comments on the blackberries and experiences, let us know.

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