10.4.10 coming soon

for the first time since the release of mac os x (6 years ago now), apple has not released a full update in the time it takes to get from 1 to 10 (incremental updates). seeing that leopard is still about 4 months out, i would imaging there will be a 10.4.11 and 12 (maybe more).

usually apple releases a major update (10.3 – 10.4) and then provides support in the way of security patches and updates. this is an interesting time. apple’s stock is continuing to drop following WWDC and the lack of a WOW factor so until the iPhone appears and blow everyone out of the water in the next couple of weeks (and barring any other apple announcements), the stock is at a good “buy price” (personal opinion).

so keep those eyes peeled on the apple software update for the next release and keep those systems patched.

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