Archive | June 13, 2007

10.4.10 coming soon

for the first time since the release of mac os x (6 years ago now), apple has not released a full update in the time it takes to get from 1 to 10 (incremental updates). seeing that leopard is still about 4 months out, i would imaging there will be a 10.4.11 and 12 (maybe more).

usually apple releases a major update (10.3 – 10.4) and then provides support in the way of security patches and updates. this is an interesting time. apple’s stock is continuing to drop following WWDC and the lack of a WOW factor so until the iPhone appears and blow everyone out of the water in the next couple of weeks (and barring any other apple announcements), the stock is at a good “buy price” (personal opinion).

so keep those eyes peeled on the apple software update for the next release and keep those systems patched.


iPhone lack of keyboard “issue”

the nytimes is reporting today that a lack of a mechanical keyboard (like the blackberry or treo) will leave people adjusting or just not using it.

i have an option in about a month to move to cingular (sorry, at&t) or verizon as work phones (blackberry is the flavor of choice), but i keep thinking about the iPhone.

i just did some looking and the blackberries range in price from $100-300 (which should be close to the iPhone price-point). i am partial to the blackberry QWERTY keyboard (do not really like the compressed keyboard of the perl, but could work with it if necessary).

shall see since i have not had a data-enabled phone/pda in quite a while. i do think the iPhone will take some getting used to when it comes to working with it in general and also with a “keyboard”. the use of it continues to excite me, but i may just end up falling back on the perl.

more to come when i figure things out. comments on the blackberries and experiences, let us know.