Archive | June 12, 2007

the WWDC aftermath

following apple’s wwdc (world wide developers conference) the stock took a 4.5 dollar drop and most people are not impressed. personally i was hoping for some more hardware (which may come in the coming days as a “by the way”). loads of hype about imac updates, nothing. quite a bit about the iPhone. more info and hype, but for those out there still hoping that the iPhone will rock the world, the announcements about the iPhone did not impress.

one of the huge things is that the iPhone will not have a SDK (software developer kit). you will be able to create “applications” with web 2.0 standards and ajax. cool stuff will appear but many (see gizmodo) believe that there will be no “killer apps” created (or able to be created) for the iPhone, further dooming the future of apple’s next big thing. 17 days to go and we will know more – that’s for sure.