WWDC 2007

apple’s developer’s conference is set to begin in just a few minutes (1pm EDT Monday the 11th). i’m here – eastern, but watching and waiting closely. i’ve been hoping for an updated iMac (which is expected) and there has been some talk in the last day or two about some long overdue .Mac updates.

more to come as the keynote kicks off to hear steve’s announcements about leopard, the iPhone and any other little nuggets that will wow and surprise! check back later for more.

UPDATE: it has begun. more accolades for intel. ea (electronic arts) has announced that they will release a number of games for the mac next month (command and conquer 3, battlefield 2142, need for speed carbon and harry potter & the order of the phoenix)! madden 08 and tiger woods 08 expected in summer/fall too. id games is also on stage for wwdc. graphics are huge this year (and the speed and quality will bring games back to the mac).

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