WWDC 2007 Update 2

leopard (mac os 10.5) is still slated for release in october 2007.
300 new features in leopard, 10 more announced today:

#1 new desktop no more brushed metal!
new dock
stacks newest document goes to the top of the stack and can be an application launcher
#2 back to my mac file sharing within local and “distant” networks
cover flow just like the system in iTunes for searching and viewing music
#3 quick look view text, images, pdf live without opening a specific application
#4 64-bit os from top to bottom (same version will work 32 or 64-bit)
#5 core animations easy to use and implement in applications
#6 boot camp apple’s dual boot solution will be part of leopard and can run XP and Vista and native speeds – a complement to parallels. apple is working with parallels and VMWare because they are VERY happy with how they have been working
#7 spaces segment your working/playing/family life into specific screens. applications can be pulled through one space to another
#8 dashboard many people have become dashboard obsessed. what will leopard bring to the table? new widget, movie times (via fandango)
#9 ichat version with leopard will bring some of the features of photo booth to ichat. tabbed chats, better auto with a new aac codec, theatre and backdrops
#10 time machine one click to setup and begin a backup process. keep it simple so people will use it.

once again, apple will sell leopard for $129 in october!


Safari ON WINDOWS. personally, WHY? safari 3 will run on XP and Vista now. looks like it will run VERY fast on windows. shall see (public beta available for download today)

iPhone is slated for release on June 29th (we knew this). What about developers? apple has come up with away to write iPhone apps (with security – don’t want to crash your cell phone). using safari’s engine, web 2.0 and ajax.

all apps run within safari and can integrate with iPhone services. e.g. corporate address working with LDAP. dial through the numbers displayed, maps and iphone integration. apple salesforce and google are building applications this way.

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