grandcentral – yet again

so a while back i looked at grandcentral. david pogue from the NYTimes looked at it too (and swore by it).

as we prepare for another move i started to think more about this. we will be moving states, area codes, and possibly more than once. why not consider grandcentral.

i got a number in NYC (where we will be going) and have tied my current cell, home and work phones into the system. when i switch cell phone numbers or we move our home phone, we just have to change the numbers with grandcentral – the “end users” (e.g. my family and friends) do not need to know anything further.

there are some additional perks to this too. i can set up groups with different voicemail and ring tones. i can transfer a call from one phone to another (e.g. i get a call on my cell on the way home, i can walk into the house, press * and the home phone will ring, pick it up and continue the conversation – no more airtime).

if you move or have phone numbers that seem to change way too often (and you are sending out those emails – PLEASE UPDATE MY CONTACT INFO), grandcentral may be perfect for you.

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