Archive | June 7, 2007

parallels for the mac v3.0

parallels has released an update for the mac.

the new version adds a bunch of bells and whistles (check out david pogues review in the NYTimes).

it also is a pay update ($49.99 – $30 off the retail price). i’ve downloaded the demo and will play with it in a moment. a few things are you can now drag and drop from the mac into the windows world. you can work on the “disk” that is created by parallels while the system is “shut down” and according to parallels, they have much better 3D graphic acceleration so playing games in a virtual environment should work – shall see.

parallels users – begin your downloads!


bootcamp 1.3

apple released another update to bootcamp (right before WWDC next week). the new version improve on a number of things:

updated graphics drivers
improved installer
updated help

i ran it and created a new cd but have not partitioned the drive (still a bit leery about that with the current machine). if you are currently running bootcamp, update, create a new cd and then install the new drivers. i believe you will be happy 🙂

grandcentral – yet again

so a while back i looked at grandcentral. david pogue from the NYTimes looked at it too (and swore by it).

as we prepare for another move i started to think more about this. we will be moving states, area codes, and possibly more than once. why not consider grandcentral.

i got a number in NYC (where we will be going) and have tied my current cell, home and work phones into the system. when i switch cell phone numbers or we move our home phone, we just have to change the numbers with grandcentral – the “end users” (e.g. my family and friends) do not need to know anything further.

there are some additional perks to this too. i can set up groups with different voicemail and ring tones. i can transfer a call from one phone to another (e.g. i get a call on my cell on the way home, i can walk into the house, press * and the home phone will ring, pick it up and continue the conversation – no more airtime).

if you move or have phone numbers that seem to change way too often (and you are sending out those emails – PLEASE UPDATE MY CONTACT INFO), grandcentral may be perfect for you.

netscape back for the mac!

so some of you may remember netscape navigator…
history: mosaic, netscape, internet explorer, internet explorer, internet explorer, safari, firefox.

navigator 9 has been released in beta for the mac (universal) and a quick look shows that it looks a lot like it did way back when. the nice part is it works that way too (display clean and quick).

if you miss the Ole N, check out the beta. it will remind you of the good ole days.