iTunes 7.2 (for iTunes Plus)

apple last night released iTunes 7.2. the primary reason for the update is the release of the EMI DRM-free (no copy protection, but a price of $1.29 per song).

at this point (wednesday morning) there are no songs online, but that is expected to change through the day. big news. this is the first shot in the volley of DRM-free music (and the first from a “real” player – apple).

if you are someone who really likes music (the iTunes plus has improved quality and higher bit rate) and wants to “own” the music you download to do with it as you please, it may be worth the extra $0.20.

iTunes now has the EMI iTunes Plus library online! you can sign in and find out what it would cost to “upgrade” your library to the version without DRM. sign in and you can request to see the iTunes Plus ($1.29 price point and a little + next to the buy line)

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