weird slow internet

so for the last few days i have been having VERY slow internet connections on the macbook (core duo). i would open and it would take 30 seconds or more to display the page…

annoying! so i have rebuilt the machine, zeroed the drive, changed the network connections, no help. i have the macbook (core 2 duo) and it is running just fine, with all the same updates etc.

so i ran cocktail, no help – finally i thought of something, create a new network location and see if that helps. i did just that. created “test”, disabled everything but the ethernet and tested safari.

vast improvements. reverted to “automatic” and poof! things continue to run smoothly. my only thought is there was something corrupt in the network settings that was removed and replaced – but it works as expected right now!

great troubleshooting tip. apple has things like locations and multiple users, this is a way to confirm the problems is hardware/software related. i would suggest testing some of these quick settings before venturing off to rebuild a machine…

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