vonage updates

vonage, which has been working VERY hard to fix some patent issues they have been having with verizon was knocked down a bit further following a request for a retrial (as reported in the New York Times).

Vonage is working very hard to keep their head above water. personally we have been having more problems with calls to and from our home phone in the last 3 months than in the last 3 years. i think the patent stuff is having an effect on the business.

we are sticking with vonage for the time being because they continue to support free calling to the UK (where my sister-in-law now resides), but in the coming months – we are considering options.

it pains me to say that. we have been very happy with the service of vonage over the last three years, but in the last months we have had issues with incomplete calls, calls in speed dial on the phone not completing on the first attempt (“the number you dialed is not in service” etc.), redial and it goes through…

weird stuff. if you are a vonage customer, i would love to hear your take on things.


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