green apple

apple posted a document earlier this week describing their efforts to improve their responsibilities to the world in efforts to become more green.

the document is a very interesting take on what many people have been seeing when it comes to the way companies make computers. lead and other chemicals are in displays etc and pose risks for those making the products and disposing of the products…

i know for years apple has done wonderful things to reduce the amount of packing materials they surround their products with (and designing it to look nice and work very well).

one of the big outcomes from this document is apple’s statement that they will begin using LED backlit displays this year (from the LCDs that are currently being used) meaning longer battery life (the LEDs use much less power), less hazardous waste and also improvements in color quality and saturation. a win-win…

read it and see what you think.


One response to “green apple”

  1. Andrew Davies says :

    It’s important to note that this step forward (and it is something new despite how it is phrased) is in direct response to Apple’s loyal customers.

    Full story here.

    Hopefully this is only a start. Apple’s a major innovator in other areas, and it would be good to see them lead environmentally as well.

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