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iTunes U online now

something we have been looking at with Guilford is iTunes U. a podcasting solution where apple does all the heavy lifting and we would just pop content into the servers.

faculty and students would access the info through iTunes and it could be copy protected to keep those no in the class or from other institutions from listening to something you do not want them to hear (without enrolling).

iTunes U is now available for free from some institutions. want to learn greek or hear a lecture from Stanford or UC Berkley, check it out! just open iTunes and look for the link in the upper left.

there is A LOT there…


Quicktime security update

apple also released a security update for quicktime as well.

this should be downloaded and applied by all mac users (run software update to get both the iTunes and Quicktime updates).

iTunes 7.2 (for iTunes Plus)

apple last night released iTunes 7.2. the primary reason for the update is the release of the EMI DRM-free (no copy protection, but a price of $1.29 per song).

at this point (wednesday morning) there are no songs online, but that is expected to change through the day. big news. this is the first shot in the volley of DRM-free music (and the first from a “real” player – apple).

if you are someone who really likes music (the iTunes plus has improved quality and higher bit rate) and wants to “own” the music you download to do with it as you please, it may be worth the extra $0.20.

iTunes now has the EMI iTunes Plus library online! you can sign in and find out what it would cost to “upgrade” your library to the version without DRM. sign in and you can request to see the iTunes Plus ($1.29 price point and a little + next to the buy line)


there is a site out that assists in what a mac may sell for on the open market. mac2sell. if you are looking to sell an older Mac, you may want to look at this site for a baseline.

in the same vain if you are looking to buy a machine – give it a go.

iPhone on the 20th?

a number of resources are reporting the release of the iPhone on the 20th of june. macrumors has the report. cnbc has a video segment about this as well stating a “reliable source” mentioning that they are expecting the iPhone will be on sale on the 20th with a pre-release signup list the week before?

about a month to go and we will know more. apple has their world wide developers conference early in june (where they may release updated iMacs and MacBook Pros) – they may also do a followup announcing the iPhone or state the release date…

apple security update (may 2007)

apple has a software update for security fixes within tiger and panther.

the update applies to the following bits and pieces of the mac os:

Security Update 2007-005 is recommended for all users and improves the security of the following components:

fire up software update (apple menu) and run the update. the system will reboot twice and the restart will take a bit while the OS updates and cleans up. highly recommended for all users!

rapidweaver 3.6

realmacsoftware has released an update for rapidweaver (version 3.6).

interestingly enough this 0.1 update COSTS $25 (for the upgrade) or $49 for the full version.

i really like rapidweaver since i do not have a lot of time to create/edit a website and this tool really works very well. the new, updated version has some expected speed and aesthetic improvements, but there are some great “what’s new” items:

expanded theme color choices
flash slideshows
detailed publishing
multiple tags
making lists (changing markup)

if you are using rapidweaver, download a take a close look at 3.6. see if it is worth the $25, but i would take a long look – at first glance, it seems $25 is a bargain!