Cingular and Customers waiting for iPhone

cingular is reporting that there is a slow down on their high-end phones ($300+) over the last month. the expectation is that the iPhone (expected in about 6 weeks) and people are waiting for the latest and the greatest.

the iPhone continues to cause ripples in the computer and phone markets as people anticipate this new device. the interesting part is in many ways, companies shoot themselves in the foot promoting and building buzz for a product only to have the actual device appear and it is not meeting the expectations – i do not image this issue from apple.

i think the biggest hinderance to the iPhone is that is will only be available through cingular for an exclusive time period (maybe up to two years). i had cingular a year ago and was happy with the phones, not so much with the service so i have switched back to verzon…

more to come as the release date approaches.


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