no iTunes subscriptions (yet)

reuters reported that iTunes would continue to be a buy service for the foreseeable future.

“Never say never, but customers don’t seem to be interested in it,” Jobs told Reuters in an interview after Apple reported blow-out quarterly results. “The subscription model has failed so far.”

iTunes continues to be a way that i can see/get a taste for a song and then invest in it. it works with the iPods i have, it is easy to manage and the right price-point for me. honestly, a number of years ago, my wife and i gave each-other a $10/month allowance for music – over the last year (thanks to some generous friends) i have been whittling down a gift certificate – which is awesome!

i love knowing i have X dollars left and if i come across something i hear on the radio or i would just like to have – i can buy it without looking into my wallet. iTunes continues to be the master, grand-daddy and sales model many consumers are comfortable with.


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