ichat with aol (video)

following my sister-in-law and family moving overseas, we have had a number of video (mac to mac) iChats with them (which has worked really well).

the latest release of tiger (10.4.9) has improved the iChat experience and i heard that the connection to a video-enabled AOL account on a PC worked really well – so i did some testing…

i have iChat on a Mac (with my dot mac account). on my windows PC i installed the latest AIM i have tested a number of times from the PC to the Mac – works great! the camera i have connected to the Windows device is a USB camera. the quality is ok, not great, but works…

i have found the iSight/Apple to work far better than any other system but if you have family or friends with a Windows machine – iChat and AIM work really well together.

I’m using my ichat/mac account on the mac and the AIM account on the Windows machine. when i login to the Windows machines, iChat “sees” that i am active and i am then able to request a video chat with my mac. on both machines i am using the “short” names (e.g. sadamson3). Let me know if that does the trick.

2 responses to “ichat with aol (video)”

  1. Curious says :

    Hi. I am a Mac user and loving iChat with other Mac friends. However, I am having difficulty connecting to someone who has established an AIM account (using her email address as the Screen Name), but we aren’t having any success in connecting at all. Are there any simple solutions you can offer? We would love to have the same success as you

  2. Curious says :

    Ooops. Forgot to mention she is on a PC

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