cisco 7921g phones

i have been able to get my mitts on a couple of cisco 7921g wifi phones for use around campus. these phones are really nice. they rely completely on the wifi infrastructure so they will only be as good as the wireless network and the ability of the wifi system to pass a call from one AP to another as you move around.

right now the campus is less than 50% covered, with a few buildings that have better coverage. i’m very interested to see if on a call and walking about – if you sill have a signal if you can keep the call without noticing the switch from AP to AP as the system is passing the IP data from one system to the next (this is where the Cisco WLC 4404 comes into play – this should allow the 7921’s to work like cell phones and pass from cell site to site without noticing the handoff).

the phones themselves are a lot like a larger/older cell phone, but you just assign the extension to the phone as you would any wired phone – the phone registers and you have all the same options at your finger tips that the great to see. the screen is bright and color and the setup of the phone to connect to the APs was very easy (cisco did not send any documentation) and so far we have see much success with the phones in day-to-day use.

our one focus was to have phones we could go from desk around the data center (if troubleshooting something) while on the phone. initial reports have been very good.

questions or comments about these cisco (or other) solutions, let us know.


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