the return of futurephone?

a number of months ago a company called futurephone started a service where someone in the US can call iowa and the call can be redirected internationally. the obvious benefit was that people could pay low or no domestic calls and then be patched through to almost anywhere on the globe for little or no money.

david pogue, for the new york times wrote about future phone on october 19, 2006 in his blog – very positively. “it works!” was his bottom line and that must have drove thousands to the system and site.

according to another site, GigaOM, AT&T was “stuck” with a $2 million phone bill for the calls that passed through this route… great, but still seems to be a unique situation and one that does not appear to have a clear cut solution in the coming days. hopefully the FCC will rule on this and decide if this is a viable business model or a loop hole that will disappear and along with it, futurephone.

read more for yourself…

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