when to jump ship?

i just spent some time tonight speaking with a friend that was being handed a new mac (from his employer) and was considering spending his own money to buy a dell so he could do the work he felt he needed to do without the impact of learning something new.

i was at fault for not digging into the hardware all that closely – after some further consideration i touched base with him again about what specifics i could get. what i found was the employer was ordering a new macbook pro with parallels (i’m assuming from the info provided).

his work consists of microsoft-based applications (office, visio and excel – heavily). with the right tweaks there can be a couple of options:

1) use parallels with these programs (which should work just fine on a macbook pro).
2) use bootcamp (in the pre-release state) and always boot into windows – leave the mac side alone, at least for now.

the worst that could happen is that he ends up buying a dell in a couple of weeks, the best case is that we win over another mac-convert (hey it’s possible). i’m really thinking about how to make this machine change his life and the way he does business. i think this will be interesting as this moves forward.

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