vonage on the rocks

a few years ago we signed up for vonage and have been VERY happy with the service. i can call my sister-in-law in london (land line) for “no charge” – just the normal monthly service charge, i can call anyone, anytime in the continental US for the same monthly charge – nice to keep in touch with friends in CA, NJ or OH.

BUT, something happened – i’m not entirely sure where and when things went sour, but vonage is working very hard to keep things running smoothly. in a press release on their website they are saying “vonage continues to operate as usual”.

i’m not running out and changing my phone service, but knowing the power of the internet, IF (big IF) some court somewhere says that vonage did enough to warrant shutting down, timewarner telecom would be there or any of a few others to pick up the pieces quickly – and if that did not work all that well we may just kick it back to the cell phone and maybe grandcentral.com – just some thoughts.

it is a brand new world – one of varied success and failures. this one is still up in the air and as long as i can i will stick with vonage for their reliability, service and connections to family and friends.


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