HD for AppleTV

the AppleTV has been designed for pushing content from a computer to a TV (HDTV at that). the washington post has started publishing podcasts in HD format so you can download the podcast to your PC – stream it (or sync it) to your TV and watch the podcast in HD!

this has been one of the biggest comments made thus far about AppleTV and the iTunes integration. you buy a video or tv show from iTunes, it comes in PC format – which looks fine, but when connecting to a HDTV leave some people disappointed.

this also opens speculation that it is only a matter of time until apple begins offering HD content on iTunes for this reason, but nothing yet. more to come from this – but very interesting move from the Washington Post…

One response to “HD for AppleTV”

  1. Stan Timek says :

    The Washington Post has some interesting content posted for the Apple TV but it seemed to be compressed rather heavily – a lot of compression artifacts, but better than nothing!

    The Apple TV is a fantastic device – it’s the first technology product that my wife said we have to have the first time she saw it. We went to our local Apple store where the Apple TV was front and center. My wife looked at it, saw how easy it was to operate and bam – she said we have to get it!

    The lack of HD content on the iTunes store is most likely a short-term problem. But until Apple fixes that I hope to deliver HD content to all those sets through this new site: http://www.hd4appletv.com

    We’ll have something for the “watchers” and the producers, check it out!

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