100M iPods

Apple announced that they have sold 100 Million iPods! Amazing. In the last 7 years I have owned 5 iPods personally and love each of them. They have made the world a different place.

I have moved to the smaller form factor iPods (shuffle/nano) mostly because I have found the thumb drives are so cheap and a great way to carry around data and have a couple of hundred songs on an iPod for exercising or cutting the lawn.

I was at an Apple seminar in Chapel Hill last week and one of the reps made a good point/comparison. The iPod seems to be following the same pattern as the AppleTV. Early adopters, many people cannot see a real reason for it (today). In the coming year, I’m guessing the AppleTV is going to start getting some traction.

A side note: February 2009, there will be no more analog television. Broadcasters in the US will have to send all their TV signals over the air via DTV (digital TV).

Another ahead of the curve for Apple, but it just may pay off… I’m waiting, but may be trying a AppleTV soon… More to come.

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