over the last months i have been thinking about the nintendo wii. the more people i speak with that have it, the more i believe it is something EVERYONE gets and enjoys. we have been looking at the vsmile games for the kids and i have trouble spending $50-75 on a game that they may play for a bit, but outgrow.

i believe a console like the xbox or playstation (any current model) would be something i would use more than the kids would – which is not a good idea for anyone…

hence the return to the Wii. the cost is VERY reasonable ($250 vs. $400+ for the xbox or playstation) and the games are very interactive. a close friend of ours has one and they say they play with their 3-year old almost daily (bowling etc.) and they all really like it!

a close co-worker/friend down here in greensboro has one and says that when he got it his fiancée, parents and others are drawn to it – i would love to see my mom and dad playing a Wii.

i continue to hear that if you are in the right place at the right time (e.g. costco or best buy) and they get in a couple, they are usually around for about a day (they generally get 10 or so units), but there is no place right now that you can walk into and buy one… will see as we get closer to the summer if we can track one down and buy it…

the other thing i am interested in see how it works with the wireless internet in the house – news, weather etc… great ideas! more to come (hopefully).


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