Apple TV (update)

i got an opportunity to touch an AppleTV. i went to an apple event in chapel hill and the apple guy there had just received his. i found a few things out that excited me, but the more i think about it i would like to look at it in action before investing in one personally.

the one part i continue to hear is that the AppleTV only works on HDTV – there are component (analog) cables on the back (which my TV does have – i have the DVD connected this way). the DVD looks great, but the images on the AppleTV are designed for HDTV layout (16:9/higher resolution) so it MAY be squished or blocky…

we also talked about the use of the AppleTV in an education environment – but we know most TVs are still standard quality/resolution. i can see it being really cool for the home user (having quick access to music/phosts without needing to run around and share images or repurposing a computer to show images), but in education where different educators in different environment with different skill levels walk into a classroom – it may be interesting…

continue to think about it and see if there may be a reason to try it out, but none yet…

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