google desktop for the mac

google released their desktop search for the mac in beta today (wednesday). there are a number of things i really like about the desktop search:

you can have a quick index of all files on the computer, email (gmail account) and others “at your fingertips”. it is very similar to spotlight, but does allow the integration of gmail (which if you use it – even conservatively as i do, will quickly arrive at the 1000+ message mark – how do you quickly find something in that).

searching in one place for emails (spotlight will only check with mac’s mail client), content within files – looking for someone’s name in a word document, and file name is a really cool way to quickly and efficiently find information – google will do all this.

upon installing and starting the first time, google will begin an index of the machine – in my case, more than 12,000 items have been indexed in less than 5 minutes! new files, emails and changes will be logged and updated.

if you are looking for another way to quickly and easily search email, files and documents, check out google’s mac desktop – they seem to be doing it better than most anyway…


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