i turned in the Q this afternoon – easy process with verizon and costco, but i’m a bit strained about looking at how this is going to change my cell phone use and access to calendar-type info.

the calendar on the phone will not sync with iSync (from apple). it does sync with the address book nicely (i set up a new group of about 200 people and synced that to the phone – in about 2 minutes). isync natively supports the motorazr and krazr (though the krazr was overkill for me again and i could not warrant additional $30 for a music player when i have 3 iPods).

i think it is only a matter of time until Guilford gets blackberries (especially since a number of others have them and they are not in the IT department). then i will be back to a PDA lifestyle – until then i will need to do a good job of keeping my calendars on Google (or 30 boxes) and knowing what is going on in my professional and personal lives (i really need this).

more to come as i actually use the phone, but so far, the only complaint i have is that it does not have a belt holster – why not i ask… weird!


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