leopard (this time it is real…)

the latest and greatest comes in the form of some people putting some thoughts together (not bad ones i may add) and put the release date for leopard (mac os 10.5) right around WWDC (apple’s world wide developers conference) beginning June 11, 2007.

the latest news is that leopard will show up that date and the cats will hibernate 🙂 the latest buzz is that the next phase of apple os (11.x) will be bears (who also hibernate). there has not been a seed of leopard since march 1 (more than a month ago) and what many people are saying, it still has a way to go – will june be far enough out… i believe so, but we shall see.

users will really have to see if the latest seed has more of the features apple continues to allude to active and in-place (and working well) before anyone says YES with any certainty.


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