giving up the Q…

in the fall of 2006 i discarded my blackberry 7100g and moved along to verizon wireless. i got the Motorola Q. a very nice phone, a very nice PDA, but i have not been using the email and data features (mostly because it adds about $45 to the monthly costs). if i was using that for business i would look at it differently, but i cannot justify the costs.

enter costco. my plan is to return to costco this afternoon and move my phone to a MOTORAZR™. i have been looking at the MOTOKRZR™, but again there are not enough “must haves” to warrant the extra $50. my wife has returned to costco to swap phones (from a non-bluetooth to a bluetooth phone – V325i).

i’m a bit scared about the lack of calendar, but i will have to get used to this. i do not use the Q to the potential so it does not make a lot of sense to continue to carry this block around on my belt when all i do it make and receive phone calls… more to come about the return process as well as what i find good, bad and ugly about the Razr.

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