DRMless Music coming to iTunes from EMI

EMI is the first company (and the 3rd largest record producer with Coldplay, Pink Floyd and others on the label) to say that in May 2007, they will work with Apple and iTunes to release their entire catalog sans DRM (digital rights management). This is HUGE! Check out the NY Times article.

There will still be $0.99 songs (at the same quality) with DRM and higher quality (double the current bit rate) songs will be available for $1.29 without DRM. What does this mean? When you buy a song, you can do with it as you please (just as if you bought the CD). Albums with be DRM free and cost $9.99 (same as they are right now). Upgrades will also be available (if you have a song that is release in non-DRM, higher quality, you can upgrade for $0.30)

If you are a music lover, enjoy the idea of actually getting to do whatever you would like to do with the music you buy, this seems to be the first step in opening up the digital music market to a more standard market music model (and running more parallel with getting what you pay for be it digital or on a CD). I’m sure there will be more coming on this front…

UPDATE: The NYTimes has an update on the EMI/Apple agreement. Check it out…


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