yahoo mail to become limitless!

the new york times reported today that Yahoo! mail will no longer have a storage cap (sometime in May)!

Yahoo Mail currently has a free 1gb of storage (while Microsoft has 2gb and Google is growing slowly and steadly towards 3gb – and beyond that, it will just take a while). The price of free email is advertising…

What does this mean? For me, not a lot. I use GMail and I am using about 10% of my total space with close to 1400 messages currently in my inbox. GMail for me is great! Quick, not too obtrusive, the ads are there but i really don’t see them (unlike Yahoo!). I have been working with the Beta release of yahoo mail, i like it, i like the tabs (much easier to get to calendar vs. google), but still a bit overwhelming with the adds all over the mail web page.

If you are looking for a free alternative web mail, check out Yahoo, Gmail and AOL. Try them out for yourself and decide. It’s all good…


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