selling via amazon

i have a number of playstation games sitting around (and no more playstation – silly). anyway, i finally got in gear and decided i would take them to EBGames or GameStop (i believe they are one in the same these days) and get some credit for the games. As i thought through this i realized i would a) not get a really fair value for the product – i’m very careful with my stuff and the games are all in excellent condition and b) i would get credit to EBGames to, buy more games… huh…

i returned to amazon’s seller page (where i sold some older DVDs a bit ago) and did some research into a “fair market value” of some of the games. i realized if i walked into EBGames i would not have an idea of what the game is worth. in doing some research i found that some of the games were “rare” and could fetch a bit more than the usual $2-$5.

upon returning to amazon, i realized there is some advances they have made to make listing and tying to sell your stuff clean and easy. they roll in shipping charges, they handle the payments from the buyer and give you a nice sheet to just print out and mail off to the buyer.

i’m also trying an auction through amazon. i like ebay, but seem to think the auction process and selling/buying process is a bit tough – if you are looking to do a garage-sale type approach for some “stuff” that an amazon-type (technical person) may be looking for, try the amazon marketplace out.


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