a new xbox 360

i have been looking at the xbox 360 for a bit now. the cost has been a bit of a hurdle (for the console as well as the games) and i can not justify this purchase to my financial advisor (my wife).

the xbox, the playstation and the wii are the 3 big players right now. the wii is the least expensive (if you can find one) at about $250, the xbox (surprisingly) comes in second in most books since you can get one for about $450 and last but not least is the playstation weighing in around $500!

the xbox elite is black (tack on $50), has a larger drive (120gb) and a few more bells and whistles (HDMI cable) than the competition (and even the other xbox 360s).

personally i like computer games, but in 2007, my 2003 dual 1ghz g4 chugs through some of the newest titles (if it will play them at all). i also like the idea of dedicating a machine and method for playing games (e.g. console) since i do not have to download or purchase something that will eat up valuable processing power and storage space (especially when we rely on a machine for communication as well as business purposes).

students come to college with game consoles as well as pcs for gaming – it is part of their downtime. as director of networks for a college – i am very interested to see how a console performs on a bigger network like one in higher education as well as support the students that would like to take some time off and play a game. if anyone from xbox is reading this – drop me a not and i would be happy to demo a xbox to assure the students are getting adequate network resources for their activities…

more to come as the elite becomes more available (from a price perspective). i belive this is something gamers will appreciate.

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