leopard delay?

following a post from a week or so ago, i spoke of leopard possibly appearing in the spring (march/april). well, now word on the street is saying that is may not be until fall.

why you may ask? again, word on the street is tying this into vista and the desire to make leopard and bootcamp vista ready (since really, who wants a new mac with a new OS that you cannot really run vista). i can see some of the thought process there, but anyway…

as someone who deployed and worked with the macs for so many years (especially in education), i’m wondering what a fall release will do. students will already have their shiny new machines from the spring/summer. any IT worker will not even think about doing any major upgrades or OS changes mid-way through the year. this could be a bad omen for apple unless they just sit on 10.6 until spring 2009… seems so very far away.

anyway, that is the “word on the street”. thoughts, concerns, comments… share 🙂

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