the guys that have brought about backpack, ta-da list and basecamp (along with others), 37 signals, released highrise for contact management.

first, i have experience with 37signals since i looked at ta-da list and backpack in the past and i really like the design and thought process they go through when putting these apps online. anyway – i have been looking at systems out there (ACT! for one or MarketCircle’s Daylight for managing contact and contact interactions.

so far, in a very quick overview today – i like highrise! you get a “personal” url, you can have others access it if you choose and if you want much more oomph, you can pay something to expand the reach and depth of highrise. just today i added a couple of contacts and i would love to have quick and easy access to something that would give me how to contact someone (email, phone) and when i last spoke with them and maybe what we spoke about (which are entered into comments).

if you are a service person, like to look into ways to communicate efficiently with customers and be able to quickly recall things you may have spoken about, check out highrise…

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