appletv is coming

scheduled for release in the next couple of days (the 23rd of march to be exact), appletv already is building a base of interest. walt mossberg (from the wall street journal and a known mac addict) has a review this week as well…

UPDATE:not to be outdone, the nytimes and david pogue have reviewed the appletv with similar reviews. david has a few additional nuggets that walt did not document, but all in all – same happy apple fan(s).

i’m wondering if it is something i will get (i do not think it will be something in the next couple of months – though if someone wants to lend me one for “testing” i would be happy to accept it). a few things i would need before getting this (after reading the reviews). a HDTV with HDMI input. the HDMI cables (the appletv only comes with a power cord) and – well that should set me back about $2000 – i shouldn’t be asking for more…

one of the companies that is hopping out front is monster cables with an appletv specific hdmi cable. appletv requires a 16:9 (new widescreen tv or a TV that can show widescreen content) along with inputs for the new cables. if you have this, it sounds like the appletv may be a great product to take the music, photos, video from your home computer (PC or Mac with iTunes) to your TV. the other item required is wireless in your home (to allow the appletv and the computers to talk).

if you have the pieces:
nice new(ish) tv (with widescreen – prefer HDTV)
itunes content (music/movies/tv shows)
plus $300 laying around 🙂

the appletv would be well worth looking into.


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