logitech v200 cordless mouse

i have been looking for a bit now for a mouse for my 12″ powerbook. i have been using a standard USB mouse which works fine, but the cable is about 4′ long and just unweildly.

i finally broke down in office depot yesterday and bought a logitech cordless mouse (for about $40 – with $20 mail-in rebate). so far it has all the features, is small and works well with the mac.

one thing i continue to wonder about is that it too runs at 2.4ghz (like cordless phones and wifi) so i’m not sure if we would bump against anything that would cause it to not work (especially within a couple of feet on the receiver – which plugs into the usb port).

it powers down nicely and seems to not be an issue with running on the 2 AA batteries (stated to last about a year – and with kids in the house, if the battery does die, i’m guessing AA batteries will not be hard to find).

i will continue to use it and let you all know if i find any real issues, but so far, good investment.

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